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3WC iConnect

Worship With Wonders is excited to announce the launch of our iConnect Services. Built with the purpose of providing a multitude of services for our members to help bring them closer to God, you will find a detailed list of our services to the right.

Come connect with us!

3WC Spotlight Ministry

Every month, we spotlight a different ministry of 3WC. This month's Spotlight Ministry is 3WC Sports Ministry. Email us at today to see how you can get connected.

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3WC Ministry Homepage

We offer a variety of ministries at 3WC. So please be sure that you look at all our ministries as you're bound to find one (or two) that is perfect for you. This is your opportunity to connect and servce inside the ministry!

First Impressions

Providing ministry that takes care of our members and guests from the first time they arrive to the time they leave.

Contact: First Impressions

Adult Life

To help ensure that the adult congregation connect with one another through spiritual, physical and social growth.

Contact: Adult Life

Student Life

Ages 6 weeks to 21 years of age. Get connected in serving and/or teaching our children and youth to find Gods purpose in their lives.

Contact: Student Life


This ministry is assigned the task to communicate the message, mission and vision of Worship With Wonders Church by way of audio/visual presentation so that the Gospel of Jesus Christ may reach and impact the world.

Contact: Production

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